Saturday, July 22, 2017

The interference patterns of light when passing through different types of slits

In this experiment I shined laser light of 532nm of wavelength on different types of carefully made aluminium foil cutouts. The images were captured using a webcam in front of the wall the laser was pointed at. Eye protection is advised due to the reflective nature of the foil. On the right you have sketches representing the aluminium foil where black represents the aluminium, white represents gaps of air and the green dot represents the position where the laser was shined at. Next to those you have the pictures taken by the webcam of the respective diffraction pattern.
1. Single Slit

A single line formed by wide strikes with a bright flat center

2. Double Slit

A single line formed by short strikes with a bright flat center.

3. Half Slit

A single line with a bright round center.

4. Cross Slit

Two parallel lines formed by wide strikes with a bright cross center.

5. V-Slit

Similar to Cross Slit pattern except for angle between lines.

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